The Artist

Michelle Elliot - the Artist.  Having no formal art education, it was not until a vacation to Maui in 1993 that the artist in Michelle was awakened.  A trip to the many art galleries there inspired her to pick up a paintbrush and what resulted was a style best described as "whimsical and fun" in nature. With vibrant colours and distinct personal style and a touch of fantasy. Michelle Elliot's paintings capture the essential spirit of St. Lucia. Her naive style, loose brush stroke and intense saturated colours reveal the wonderful sunny ambience of the Caribbean.

Michelle has expanded her popular line of hand painted ceramics and opened "Lava Flow" outlets in Duty Free Point Seraphine and La Place Carenage.  The great response for the initial pieces has led to the development of a signature mix and match line, ranging from picture frames to souvenir items, platters to vases, table settings to unique one of a kind fine art ceramic pieces.  Michelle is very quick to add that in many ways she could not have come this far without the input and support of her family.

Michelle talks candidly of the difference in producing fine art on canvas versus painting on ceramics.  She says, "when painting on canvas the colours are right in front of you and the artwork can be touched up.  With ceramics the original colors painted on the items are not true to the eye.  The end colors are completely different and final after the ceramic has been glazed and fired".

This whole experience has been a source of new inspiration for Michelle.  She speaks of it as a challenging journey into the world of color, its many tones and blends.  When asked about the constant energy she possesses to keep creating, she says simply "St. Lucia inspires me".

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